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E&B Resources

[Information up to date as of 02/01/2018]

What’s New

On February 6, 2017, P&D approved a Substantial Conformity Determination to Conditional Use Permit 87-CP-95 for the reactivation of truck loading of natural gas liquids (NGL) from E&B Natural Resources Gas Plant #10. P&D is currently processing a Land Use Permit application to allow construction of an NGL truck loading rack.

Hallador facility near New Cuyama
The E&B Resources Facility near New Cuyama

What's Next

An annual safety audit will be conducted at the Cuyama gas plant on September 13, 2017.

Project Details

The gas processing facility is surrounded by a 640 acre oil field located in the southern Cuyama Valley and has been permitted to process gas since 1988. The facility includes an office, compression plant, warehouse, shops, and associated natural gas and processing infra-structure to remove heavier hydrocarbons, Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide to produce sales quality gas. The facility has operated under a series of owners, including Arco, Stream Energy, and Hallador.

The Gas Processing Facility was approved under Conditional Use Permit 87-CP-95. While the use of portions of the Gas Processing Facility has been continuous since the approval of 87-CP-95, NGL loading activities were discontinued in 2003 due to seismic limitations of existing equipment and the cost of retrofitting. Market economics and inefficient crude/NGL blending has warranted the need to truck NGL once again. To bring the NGL loading facility up to seismic code, E&B proposes to employ a skid-mounted NGL tank and truck loading apparatus. The new truck loading facility would be self-contained and equipped with the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) required emergency safety shutdown systems and remote shutdown switches. The facility would consist of the following equipment items, each attached to a single, structural steel frame:

  • Refurbished propane “bullet” tank with ASME Code Stamp. Propane tank to be either 21,400 or 18,000 gallon capacity and painted with special fire coating to protect tank from overheating and catastrophic rupture from direct flame impingement for 2 hours
  • 3-inch Backmer liquid transfer pump with 10 Hp motor rated for 130 gpm
  • Steel bulkhead with vapor and liquid hoses for loading transport trucks
  • Liquid and vapor meters for calculating actual NGL volumes loaded onto trucks

Regional access to the NGL loading facility would be provided by Highway 166, Perkins Road and existing interior access roads. The NGL loading facility is located on a 17.7-acre portion of APN 149-140-012, which comprises a total of 640 acres. The parcel is zoned AG-II-100 and located in the 1st Supervisorial District.

Current Product Distribution


  • Distributed via tanker truck

  • Product Destination:
    • Varies according to season and market demand
    • Largely sent to distribution network in Kern County

Natural Gas

  • Distributed via sales gas line to utility


The E&B Resources Plant 10 Gas Plant is located approximately three miles southwest of the town of New Cuyama in Santa Barbara County.

Gas and Facilities Map

E & B Resources Location

Overhead view of the Hallador facility

Overhead View of the E & B Resources Facility