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How is the NBAR Different? Back to Regional BAR

How is the NBAR Different?

    The Board of Supervisors created special provisions for certain projects subject to the jurisdiction of the North County Board of Architectural Review:

    • Single-family dwellings, and commercial/industrial projects not open to the public, that are not visible from public roads and other public areas, are exempt from review by the NBAR

    • Action by the NBAR on a non-exempt single-family dwelling is advisory only and is to be completed within either three meetings or three months of application submittal, whichever occurs first. Single family dwellings resulting from Development Plans, Subdivision Maps, or other previously approved discretionary or ministerial projects that required BAR approval are still subject to BAR approval.

    These special provisions do not apply to Development Plans within the jurisdiction of the Planning Commission and structures subject to approved ministerial and discretionary permits, including subdivision maps that require review and approval by the Board of Architectural Review in order to mitigate visual impacts or provide for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, including adopted Community Plans.

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