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2018 Comprehensive Plan Annual Progress Report. The Long Range Planning Division is preparing the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Annual Progress Report for submittal to the Board of Supervisors and State agencies. This report describes the County’s efforts to implement the Comprehensive Plan, including the Housing Element, and the County’s progress toward meeting its share of regional housing needs in calendar year 2018. Staff will present the report to the Montecito and County Planning Commissions at public hearings on February 20th and 27th, respectively. Staff will submit the report to the Board of Supervisors, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, California Department of Housing and Community Development, and the City of Santa Barbara by April 1st.
Homestay FAQ
Homestays. Applications for Homestays must comply with Section 35.42.193 of the County Land Use and Development Code or Section 35.442.135 of the Montecito Land Use and Development Code. Click here for a list of frequently asked questions regarding homestays.
Cannabis Permitting and Licensing.The Board of Supervisors adopted local regulations for cannabis permitting and licensing on February 27, 2018. The ordinances are now in effect. Click here for more information regarding Countywide Cannabis Permitting and Licensing. Permit applications and forms are available here.
Rebuilding Montecito - Interactive Map of Affected Properties An interactive map of properties affected by the Thomas Fire and the subsequent January 2018 Storm is available here. Click here for instructions on its use. This map is updated on a periodic schedule and should be used for informational purposes only. For the most up-to-date information regarding your property, please contact the assigned case manager or Planning and Development Zoning Information Counter at (805)568-2090.
Rebuilding Montecito. Staff at Planning & Development are committed to helping Montecito residents navigate the permitting process as the Montecito community begins to rebuild. Click here for more information regarding the rebuilding process.
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Montecito Architectural Guidelines and Development Standards Limited Update (Phase II). On February 27, 2018, the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to adopt the Guidelines Limited Update, Phase II and associated amendments to the MLUDC, CZO, and Guidelines. These amendments result in the clarification of several existing zoning regulations and limitations on the size and/or number of detached accessory buildings on residential lots in Montecito. NEW Staff has updated the Montecito Floor Area Calculator and Project Statistics Worksheet to reflect the new Guidelines amendments.
Microfiche Images Available Online. P&D has converted our microfiche planning street address files into digital format so that customers can access them online. Converted files are stored through a third-party archival website and may be accessed here. A user guide for the archival website is available here. Microfiche planning permit files are in the process of being converted and will be added as soon as they become available.
Simple Greywater Systems. Simple Greywater systems that meet commonsense guidelines may be installed without a permit. Click here for more information.
Protecting the Wildlands Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan. A new brochure highlights new provisions adopted as part of the EGVCP and Land Use and Development Code for the unique mountainous areas of the Eastern Goleta Valley.
New Home Energy Checklist Santa Barbara County’s Energy and Climate Action Plan (ECAP) requires applicants to complete a Home Energy Checklist for residential building permits for additions, alterations, and/or remodels (excluding repair and/or maintenance). This Checklist will provide homeowners the tools they need to inspect the various areas of their homes for potential energy upgrade opportunities. The Home Energy Checklist is available at:
Expedited Plan Review for Small Rooftop Residential Solar Energy Systems. The Santa Barbara County Building and Safety Division is offering 10 days expedited plan review for qualified, small roof-mounted residential rooftop solar energy systems. To determine if your project qualifies for this expedited process, additional information is available here...
New ePV Permit Application Process. Starting December 1st we are offering a new email plan submittal service for roof mounted Photovoltaic systems limited to 10 kW ac power or less. Once an account for billing is approved, acontractor can submit 11x17 plans via email to rmpvpermits@countyofsb.org for our review and approval. The approved and stamped plans will then be emailed back to the applicant for construction within approximately 10 business days. Application package downloaded here...
Water Availability & Permit Issuance
Water Availability & Permit Issuance During the remainder of the declared state and local drought there are additional requirements prior to the approval of a zoning permit for development. For more information, please refer to the Water Availability & Permit Issuance Memo: http://www.sbcountyplanning.org/pdf/misc/water_availability_public072414.pdf

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